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Short Term Goals are the Steps of the Larger Journey, and Focus is the Currency that Pays the Way.

Oksana Matviichuk

for “Game on: Leaders Who Last,” a USA — Today bestseller.

Hello! My name is Oksana Matviichuk, and I am a Strategic Forecaster. I devoted my life to building strategies in the business and marketing space. I have been a leading part of advertising agencies for over 20 years. Over a decade, I worked in major advertising networks. Six years ago, I made B2B marketing my core expertise. I served Fortune 500 C-Suite clients to discover the marketing and business synergy application to grow brands.

At the end of 2022, I opened my consultancy practice to practice my “OM Strategy as a Service” methodology. I joined OxUA Incubator, founded by Ukrainian scholars at the University of Oxford, and supported the Oxford Ukrainian Society to empower Ukrainian businesses and start-ups to grow.



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