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OM Digital Suite


Ready to experience real growth? Begin your journey with us to a future where your business continuously thrives. Explore our OM Digital Strategy Suite three months subscription and take the first step in transforming your marketing spend into actionable investments.

Start investing in the sustainable growth of your business today! Let OM Strategic Forecasting guide you.

Each tier of the OM Digital Suite is meticulously crafted to cater to different levels of digital marketing needs, from foundational PR efforts to comprehensive digital influence strategies. As clients progress through the tiers, they gain access to a broader range of services, each adding a layer of sophistication and impact to their digital marketing endeavors.

  • OM Strategic Forecasting is a consulting practice specializing in holistic business planning and marketing solutions. We transform marketing spending into long-term investments for sustainable growth, shaping the landscape of business success.

  • Sustainable growth ensures longevity and relevance in an ever-changing market prioritizing sustainability. At OM Strategic Forecasting, we anchor our strategies on resilience and reputation, paving the way for sustainable business growth.

  • A robust digital presence is vital for businesses today. With our OM Digital Strategy Suite, we focus on enhancing your digital footprint, crafting compelling narratives, and managing your online reputation to build a reputable and trusted brand image.

  • We offer three subscription tiers: Tier 1 - Reputation Boost, Tier 2 - Reputation Boost + LinkedIn Reach, and Tier 3 - Comprehensive Digital Influence. Each tier is designed to cater to different levels of digital marketing needs, from foundational efforts to comprehensive strategies.

  • OM Strategy as a Service condenses two decades of experience into a proprietary methodology that translates business strategies into actionable marketing strategies. It transforms business value, decodes consumer landscapes, and fosters strategic resilience for sustainable growth.

  • OM Strategy as a Service consists of four stages: OM, Focus, Foresee, and Succeed. These stages involve comprehensive business health assessment, strategic insights, industry trend analysis, and actionable marketing strategy formulation.

  • We bridge the gap between business planning and marketing execution by aligning teams, enhancing market competitiveness, and emphasizing sustainable growth strategies, ensuring businesses thrive in an ever-evolving market.

  • The OM Workshop is a one-day immersive experience designed to empower brands through strategic planning and execution. It covers sessions on business strategy, navigating industry disruption, and recovering from strategic gaps, fostering collaboration and creativity.

  • The sessions delve into topics such as business strategy, industry disruption, and strategic gap recovery, while the module highlights include interactive workshops, case studies, role-playing scenarios, insightful discussions, and a participants' toolkit for continuous learning.

  • We prioritize client engagement and success by providing tailored solutions, transparent communication, expert guidance, and continuous support throughout the transformation journey.

  • Our unique approach combines strategic foresight, actionable insights, and unparalleled expertise to deliver transformative results, setting businesses on a path to sustainable growth and enduring success.

  • Yes, we understand that each business is unique. We offer customized solutions tailored to address specific challenges and capitalize on opportunities, ensuring maximum impact and ROI.​

  • Businesses can start their journey towards sustainable growth by contacting us for a consultation or requesting a quote. Let OM Strategic Forecasting guide you toward a future where your business continuously thrives.


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