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Today Our Priorities Should Evolve ‒ Exclusive Interview With Oksana Matviichuk

Oksana Matviichuk has spent over 15 years as a marketing strategy executive at top global advertising agencies, with the last six years of dedication to building B2B Brands.

Oksana Matviichuk has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a sharp strategic mind. She is known for her ability to identify opportunities, anticipate challenges, and develop innovative solutions to intricate problems. Her success in these areas has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor. Strategy had always been her passion, and her extensive experience led her to work with Fortune 500 companies, advising C-Suite decision-makers on strategic marketing.

Oksana Matviichuk is the USA ‒ Today bestselling author and was recognized as one of the Top Women Leaders of New York by Women We Admire. She talks about business and marketing strategy, leadership, and women's leadership. For the last five years, she has consistently been featured in Forbes as a contributing expert panelist.

Oksana worked with 10+ enterprises, 20+ mid-size companies, and 100+ small businesses and entrepreneurs. In December 2022, she started practicing her pre-patent transformational methodology, "OM Strategy as a Service," for start-ups and midsized companies.

In December 2022, Oksana joined OxUA Incubator, supported by the Oxford Ukrainian Society and Oxford University Innovation to empower Ukrainian businesses to flourish in the UK.

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